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SNUG is a extreme sport game where enhanced athletes have to score in each other's goal using a super-sonic disc !

We are video game students at the Haut Ecole Albert Jacquard located in Namur in Belgium, and this is our team's final student project.

The point was to make a game that would run on PS4 and using Unity3D within six month. We chose to go for a concise game based on fun and dynamic gameplay.

Install instructions

Please note that the game requires two players using game-pads.

In SNUG the player must use the bounces on the arena's wall to get the disc in his opponent goal.


Circle effects can be used to trick your opponent around.


Each Characters has also it's own special move.


Team Credit :
Boris Miszczak - Character Artist
César Creutz - Technical Artist
Nicolas Rudowski - 3D Artist
Kevin Labache - Animator
Joachim Baba - Programmer
William Bienfait - Programmer

In game music : Carpenter Brut - TURBO KILLER



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